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Xtreme Boats is a privately-owned aluminum boat builder founded in 1999 in the rural NW Florida Panhandle. Xtreme Boats opened to build the highest quality, hand-made aluminum fishing boats by utilizing only the most skilled craftsmen and latest techniques. With the proprietor having over 10 years of previous experience owning, designing, and running an aluminum boat building facility, he was quickly able to put Xtreme Boats in the center of the custom aluminum boat market. Read more

Our Vision

Xtreme Boats' goal is to produce the highest quality aluminum boats on the market at prices that are attainable by the average consumer. We believe that a custom designed aluminum boat will provide an exponentially more satisfying experience for the user than a mass-produced boat. Read more

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Our collection of links to helpful websites and resources for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts in the Southeast. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

We get lots of questions about our boats and aluminum boats in general. Feel free to browse the most common questions and answers. If you'd like to ask us anything specific, please contact us.

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Our Partners

Great boats need great motors to complete the package. Mercury and Suzuki Outboards are available on all Xtreme Boats.
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  • Mercury Outboards
  • Suzuki Marine Outboards