The Xtreme Difference

Our manufacturing process

Aluminum Boat Perfection

In the making of an Xtreme Boat, no corners are cut nor expenses spared. Expect premium marine-grade material, superior welding, beautifully buffed and polished pieces, masterfully concealed wiring and rigging, and corrosion-resistant accessories! Combine all this with a tried and true design that is completely customizable and you have the highest quality aluminum boat on the market today. Read more to see what makes Xtreme Boats different.

Raw Materials

Building the finest boat requires using the best available materials. We acquire aluminum from the absolute highest quality sources available, using strictly 5052/5086 Marine sheet metal throughout construction - even in areas that do not have direct contact with marine elements. Welding wire is also of compatible, marine grade alloy ensuring that electrolysis doesn't quickly destroy the most vital part of your boat - the welds.

Hull Design

As with any quality aluminum boat on the market, Xtreme Boats' hulls are designed using a longitudinal stringer framework. This ensures that any impact is transferred down the entire length of the hull causing less stress on any one point. Longitudinal stringers also prevent waving or dips in the hull bottom and ensure a solid, even surface for years to come. All double floor boats not only have a longitudinal stringer framework but are also boxed in throughout the length of the hull for the ultimate in stiffness and strength.

Personalized Options

If you decide to have us build a personalized boat, it will be built to specifications exactly as ordered. The hull, framework, and interior features will all be designed before construction is started, to properly design the hull to handle long term use and abuse. Once design is complete, all parts are cut-to-fit for your boat's specification. This helps ensure that everything fits perfect without gaps or cuts, resulting in stronger welds and a superior finished product. All custom boats can easily be ordered through your local dealer.


Simply put: No company takes more pride in welding than Xtreme Boats! The exterior of every Xtreme Boats hull is completely hand TIG welded for the utmost quality, aesthetics and strength. All hulls are "double" welded on the interior as well for additional strength and seam protection. Welds are NEVER EVER ground off in order to cover up poor or sloppy workmanship.


We use injectable two part polyurethane "closed cell" flotation for longevity and minimal water absorption. Once the flotation is injected or poured into place, it expands, removing any open air space that could hold water and forms a light flotation material that has millions of small air pockets that are non-connected to one another. This closed cell flotation doesn't act as a sponge and hold water, even if punctured or broken AND does not degrade with contact with fuel. Water pockets between flotation and walls/floors, as well as within the flotation is minimized/eliminated with the use of this flotation. All Xtreme Boats are designed to exceed flotation requirements.

Carpet & Flooring

Premium Marine Carpet: Our boats are carpeted with a marine carpet that utilizes a 100% BCF Olefin fiber with double backing (Polypropylene/Rubber) that ensures a long life, good drain-ability, and ease of cleaning. In fact the yarn fiber is made with the most highly ultraviolet stabilized colored BCF Fiber yet developed. Also, it is designed to not "catch" hooks when they are drug across the carpet. We use a rubber based glue applied by hand and trowel (recommended by the manufacturer of the carpet) that does not weaken or degrade the backing of the carpet.

Durable Floor Liner: We also offer an optional Carboliner spray liner that is superior to vinyl with regards to cleaning, staining, and traction. Carboliner is a durable urethane coating that provides surfaces with a protective barrier that can withstand the toughest situations. Developed to tolerate most climatic conditions, Carboliner is U.V. resistant and won't fade or "chalk" even after years in the sun. Carboliner is also waterproof and protects surfaces from rust making it perfect for surfaces that will be submerged in water, including salt water. Carboliner is unlike other bed liners or protective coatings. It's less expensive and faster than powder coating. And in case it does scratch (which is tough to do!), Carboliner can easily be repaired. You can't do that with most of the other bed liners and protective coatings!

Our "No Wood Anywhere" Policy

We do not use any wood, composites of wood (or any other product that is made from wood or means wood) anywhere in the construction of an Xtreme Boat. We find the drawbacks to using wood (rot, electrolysis, water logging, weight) far outweigh any known benefits to using wood.
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